Wine Cellar Design and Arrangement Ideas

Most people always associate wine cellar design with something vintage or gloomy. Most people also think that they don’t need to think about any wine cellar designs are the place doesn’t need any designing at all. Well, why shouldn’t? They’re located in the basement, where no one can look at them and the humidity can take control.

Wine Cellar Design and Arrangement Ideas

Well, contrasting to whatever people believe, the wine cellars don’t always have to be placed underground on the basement. People can even place their cellar in the pantry or kitchen. Of course, they also need to pay attention to the size and the arrangement. But if they’re able to pull everything through, they can create their own ideal wine cellar design.

eclectic wine cellar design ideas

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Wine Cellar Design: Why Should People Have One

Of course, not all home owners should think about having the ideal wine cellar design. The wine cellars designs are only suitable for those who have deep passions about wine or people who include wine in their daily consumption.

Today’s modern wine cellar design is very stylish and very suitable for modern lifestyle. Instead of building the wine cellar in the basement or other cold and dark place, why not building one in the kitchen pantry or the room next to the kitchen? By having such design and structure, people can always get the wine easily.

Wine Cellar Design and Arrangement Ideas

They can save up the trip going back and forth from their dining room to the cellar. Moreover, they also need to think about the whole structure. The cellar should have enough heat and get low humidity. They also need to think about the proper storage method and the temperature fluctuations.

The most important thing is that the wine cellar design ca go along wit the kitchen style and design, without jeopardizing the proper ways to store the wine.

modern glass wine cellar design ideas

Wine Cellar Design: How to Plan One?

When planning the wine cellar design, people need to:

  • Determine the space before they start building a wine cellar. If their wine collection isn’t more than 100 bottles, they can save enough space of a walk in closet.
  • Consider having custom wine cellars, if they have the money and the space is enough.
  • Pay attention to their budgets carefully.
  • Consider installing humidifier if the room has too low humidity level.
  • Store the bottles according to the required space.
  • Consider using special software called as Computer Assisted Design or CAD to help them planning their wine cellar design.

modern glass wine cellar design in white color ideas

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