New Contemporary Table From James Dewulf Los Angeles Designer

New Contemporary Table From James Dewulf  – This New table design is from James DeWulf, a Los Angeles designer known for his fusion of innovative creations and cutting-edge work with concrete. The new design is called the Campaign table which be sold exclusively at all Mecox Garden emporiums.

Hourglass Cage dining table Design furniture picture


The Campaign table is unprecedented for its ultra-thin concrete tabletop. Generous in scale, it measures 11feet long by 40 inches wide. DeWulf is paving the way in modern design by using his own proprietary concrete formula to create this custom table that is only one and a half inches thick, one sixth the thickness of ordinary cement.

The result is a clean, contemporary piece that sits lightly on top of a wrought-iron base. The Campaign could easily function as a durable outdoor table in a classic formal garden or serve as a dining table in a design-driven, avant-garde living space.

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Table From James Dewulf Los Angeles Designer

DeWulf is known for work that looks and feels extraordinary. He calls his creations “functional art” and is passionate about producing finishes that feel both organic and luxurious. The Campaign table is no exception, with a hand finished surface that people cannot resist touching and a unique aesthetic created by DeWulf’s pouring process that assures no two pieces ever look alike.

modern table creations design

innovative modern table creations design

Contemporary Outdoor Table Design picture

New Contemporary Outdoor Table Design

Campaign Table hi ressm Image

Campaign Table hi ressm

Luxurious Table Design From James DeWulf picture

Luxurious Table Design From James DeWulf

The Campaign table is available at Mecox Garden’s eight retail stores, which are celebrated for their eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind antiques and unique, custom designs. For more information on DeWulf Concrete, its products and its designs, go to

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