High Ideas for High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas

High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas – Having a living room with high ceilings is needed creativity and hence, you need a guide of high ceiling living room design. With its tall walls, a living room can be difficult to manage. But, you can take the benefits from the extra space of a high ceiling living room, only if you know the tricks. So, do not hesitate to find the tricks in this post.

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High Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas, The type of the ceiling

Different style of ceiling can differentiate the atmosphere of a living room.  Deciding the type of the ceiling for your living room is very important. It can influence everything in your living room. So, here are some types of ceiling which will help you to find the clear idea about the design of your room.

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1. pitched high ceiling

The first type of ceiling is pitched high ceiling. The pitched high ceiling gives you a little dramatic effect and it offers a cozy feeling, intimacy, and pleasure into your living room. You can combine your pitched high ceiling with hanging chandelier or large windows.

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2. flat ceiling

The second type is flat ceiling. This kind of types is the most common type used by people. If you fancy bringing the dramatic point into your living room, this type will be the most suitable one. It is because you can combine almost everything with the flat ceiling. The chandeliers, the pendant lamp, the fan, can hang beautifully in your flat ceiling and add the good looks for your room.

3. high ceiling.

Creative Ideas for High Ceilings
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The next type is high ceiling. Not only flat ceiling, but also this kind of ceiling type is the most common ceiling type used for living room. The high ceiling type makes your space looked larger. Double height ceiling and open plan ceiling design are the other options for your living room ceiling design.


Lighting is an important element of a room, including a living room with high ceiling. In case of having high ceilings, you must consider the lighting which most suitable for your room. The chandelier is one of the most popular lightings. But, pendant lamp is also a good choice for the lighting of your high ceiling living room. Not only function as the light producer, but also you can use it to divide the areas in your living room. For example, you can put three lamps to divide the kitchen, the lounge, and the dining space visually.

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Artworks display

It is no doubt that you definitely won’t to make your high ceiling living room seemed empty. It is because the high ceiling adds more space for your living room. Hence, you need the magic of artworks. Artworks, like frames, graphic arts, and painting can add a life and dignity for your spacious room.   And the best way to arrange those artworks is based on your preference. But to avoid the devastating sense of tall walls, you are better to place the artworks in the eye level.

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The wall’s color

Colors bring everything.  They can represent your personality, bring some feelings, create an atmosphere, and so on. Thus, be careful when you choose the colors for your high ceiling living room walls. The colors of the walls can help you to make a strong statement over your room.

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The neutral colors like gray or white will give you the elegant sense. The bright colors such as sun yellow and orange bring a cheerful feeling into your room. The nature colors such as blue, green, and brown offer warmth for your room. You can paint the entire wall with the same colors, but to make your high ceiling living room more alive, you can paint the walls with different colors. If you want to be more unique and unusual, painting a wall with bold color, and the rest of walls and the ceiling left unpainted will be the best action for your room.

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The ceiling’s texture

Texture for your ceiling can make your living room very standout. Flat texture is always acceptable. It can be featured by any accessories, such as lamps or fan, without the need of special arrangement. Another option is special texture, such as the waving texture. You can use woods as the material of this texture. It is because woods are easy to be shaped. Moreover, wooden material will give warmth and smaller effect for your living room, so your room won’t be that large. Wooden material is also creating the contrast in color between the walls and the ceiling and creating an impression of disruption.

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Things you need to avoid

While you have a high ceiling living room that means you have some extra space, you have to avoid small accessories and furniture, such as tiny paintings or small furniture. You need to make them bigger. And you have to place the accessories like artworks in the eye-level. So, it must be better to put a wall clock or an abstract sculpture.

Having a high ceiling living room is not a nightmare anymore. You can improve your room based on your preferences. You can design the type of the ceiling, play with lighting and colors, and add special ceiling’s textures will make your decorating work more enjoyable. So, have a nice try

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