Here The 5 Happy Inspirations From Old Things

Sometime we don’t have to buy something new but we can dig in to old thing’s Now I want you to Treat yourself. like i do to my self. I guess it is a sort of excuse for giving in when I spot something nice and new for my home. But sometimes I don’t even have to buy something new. I try to create a little happy compilation of new & old treats that have one thing in common. its just like the power to add happiness to a home. right.

5 Happy Inspirations From Old Things


1. Hand painted linen tablecloth from Shop Terrain.

2. The new collection by Rie Elise Larsen is just a happy feast! I love her cheerful paper designs.

3. My first piece of hand made ceramics. A bowl I made in school back in 1992. Happy memories!

4. I’ve stocked up on new washi tapes. I got these from my Swiss blogger friend Renate of Baumhausfee. Thank you my dear!

5. I heart these cushions as seen on Wendy Polish.

Good luck Buddy..

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