5 Interesting Facts About Log Cabins

Facts About Log Cabins  – Situated in the concrete jungle, it’s always fascinating to go beyond and enter the woods and merge with nature. Enjoying everything that Mother Nature has to offer. Builders are now thinking out of the box and getting back to the olden times in their construction ways. Olden days log homes/cabins are now becoming popular. They are resurfacing due to many reasons.

Interesting Facts About Log Cabins

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Log cabins/ homes have a distinctive look; they provide much peaceful environment than their concrete counterparts. They are efficient and economic too while being eco-friendly. Log homes always portray a beautiful picture. Many of us sometimes love to hideout in such homes for vacation or just a weekend getaway! Have you ever been to one of the log homes? If you were there, you can re-tell the tale.

There are few interesting facts surrounding this beautiful places, let’s see them. 5 Facts About Log Cabins

Here the facts aout LogCabin that you might dont know before..

Log Cabins have claims of Fame!

Log homes purely belong to American Origin. They represent humbleness and hard work. Many of the American Presidents, mostly 7 of them were either born in Log home or lived there. Few of them to name are Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson, and James Buchanan. The log cabins became a political icon when it was used to drive a presidential campaign for William Harrison.  There are few more people who owned log cabins including Ralph Lauren and Muhammad Ali.  Muhammad Ali built a log cabin for training camp in Deer Lake Pennsylvania. He had a total of 18 log cabins for him and his guests.

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Log homes origin

The origin of cabin homes is uncertain. It is estimated that the first log cabins ever were built approximately 5000 years ago.  It was believed to be in the Bronze age somewhere in Northern part of Europe. In the medieval ages, the log homes were considered as movable property, as illustrated by the relocation of the entire village. It is believed that these log cabins were brought to America by the Scandinavians in the 1630’s to the place which is now currently known as Delaware.

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Oldest Log structures

The oldest structure was believed to be built in the year 1638 to 1643. This is oldest in the North America.  This cabin was put into national Register of Historic places in the year 1976. Largest log Home in the world The largest Log cabin in the world is said to be ‘Granot Loma’, which is estimated as 40 million dollars’ worth.  This log home structure is built on 26000 square foot area and was constructed over the course of four years.  The designed was compiled by 22 architects, a huge mansion to admire. Real Estate Investments: Simple Ways To Start Investing – Investopedia

This home which sits on the shoreline of Lake Superior is exquisite, houses 23 bedrooms, and 13 bathrooms. The house has a huge 60-foot room, which has a chandelier made from a white pine tree. The owner of this house, Kaufmann used to sit under this pine tree as a child, which is now converted into adorable masterpieces with cravings of over 50 animals and people. This largest property has many other buildings within it, 4 apartments, a tennis court, a pool and a pool house. This tennis court was designed by tennis champion Bill Tilde himself.

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Logs celebrate 100 years of journey

Lincoln logs are classic pieces till date developed in the year 1916 by john Lloyd Wright, a famous architect who has won many awards. These are miniature logs which are classic pieces of toys for children to be built into a log cabin. Originally these were made of wood, however, now they come in plastic too. they help in encouraging creativity among kids. it also aids in developing motor skills of children.

Facts About Log Cabins

Breakfast Syrup with log cabin name

Do you know that there is breakfast syrup under this name? Log cabins have inspired many products and this breakfast syrup is one of them. The Log cabin syrup was first introduced by Patrick in the year 1887, in the honor of the president who grew up in a log home in Kentucky. He named the syrup as ‘log cabin’ syrup itself to honor its importance. He has been making this since years and it has become a popular name at the breakfast table of Americans.

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