Experience Design With A young People in German

Hello awesome people with this articles i want to show you about something great designs in german, its talking about happily ever after. i know that you like go local. With food. With blooms. With art. And yes, with design. I was some experience about  a place when i was with a young German designing  his innovative products “Made in Germany”, which are less based on the mainstream but rather on functional, sustainable and aesthetical aspects. They currently feature the award-winning and super cool product called ‘Tick’.

Okey.. lets we talk more about Tick is a universal table leg system which can be applied to a variety of board materials allowing you the space for individuality and creativity. we know that A bent metal wire structure, similar to an over-dimensional paper clip, clamps to any board and transforms it within a few seconds into a unique table without the use of screws or tools.


Now isn’t this just fabulous! I think I know what I will get for myself soon. Happy Friday! but i can’t share now you can see this picture next time, please wait until its ready


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