Elegant Modern Interior Doors Made of Wood and Glass

Elegant Modern Interior Doors Made of Wood and Glass – If you want to buy new modern interior doors, you should keep a few things. From identifying the right dimensions, the impact direction, the wall thickness up to the style, design and surface colors. When you buy,you don’t only buy the beautiful appearance , but on quality properties that promise a long life. We have a few tips and suggestions for your modern interior doors that could help you with this task.

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Modern interior doors with special designs: wood and glass

modern interior doors, Glass doors with aluminum frame

modern interior doors, modern white door
The impressive thing is that the modern interior wood doors of the company “Bertolotto Porte”, a leading door manufacturer in Italy, which raise the creative possibilities in the apartment to a new level. Most models have been designed from well known artists and designers and are the perfect choice for you if you are looking for something special. Modern interior doors are available with color coated with a variety of milled objects such as flowers or branched trees.
modern interior doors, solid wood doors
The modern interior wood doors in popular types of wood like walnut, oak and beech combine the safety and noise benefits with the warmth of wood. In addition to real wood veneer doors, there are also CPL modern interior doors, which are available in various wood finishes and colors. It is a more resilient material layer, with which the doors are laminated. These doors are a cheap alternative to real wood, but is hardly comparable to its charisma. Thanks to the grain of the wood and the individuality of each tree that agreed on every door is unique.

Modern interior doors with glass designs

modern interior doors, Glass doors with aluminum frame
These modern interior glass doors are real eye-catcher. They are printed on one side , whereby the glass door is opaque. However, it allows light to pass through. You can choose a favorite motif and shape of the glass door according to your taste.
modern interior doors, solid wood door
 modern interior glass doors, glass doors with solid wood
Invisible frame systems offer new creative leeway in interior design. Modern interior wood doors are fully integrated into the wall and used as wall design element. For example, wall and door have the same appearance as in the example below. Interesting wall covers or photo wallpaper contribute to the individual living environment.
 modern interior glass doors, modern bedroom door
 modern interior glass doors, modern bedroom door with wood look
Modern interior glass doors are always a very special place in space and are the perfect solution wherever a lot of light is needed. Besides the classic types of glass there are modern interior wood doors with sandblasted designs or applications that make the door to a fine design pieces. The glass is cool, elegant and can be perfectly combined with a metal frame.
modern interior wood doors, modern glass door
modern interior wood doors, modern glass door with aluminum frame and decorations
Each of these modern interior wood doors is unique and looks like real work of art, Unique and elegant. The surface of the door is worked out with sand and then inked. As if you had lines drawn in the sand with a rake like this miniature. This door collection is called “Casa Zen” and was designed by the artist Elio Garis. The models are offered in different shapes and colors.
modern interior wood doors, modern glass door with simple design

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