Chic Cottage Style Decorating for Great Looking Room

Cottage style decorating can be a perfect choice for home décor if people want to have light and informal look. This cottage style decorating can be used in any kind of housing, from the urban houses to the country styles. In the past, people often thought of this cottage style as shabby and unpopular style. But today, this style is a good choice for anyone who wants to feel free about decorating their room without having to limit their choices.

Chic Cottage Style Decorating

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Different Kinds of Cottage Style Decorating

People often think that there’s only one type of cottage style decorating, while in reality, there’re four basic cottage style decorating. These styles are available with their own characteristics and uniqueness:

  • Beach style that uses natural materials for the decoration. Most of them are related to the sea, such as seashell or drifted log. It usually uses white or pastel, soft colors. Wooden furniture is also incorporated into this type of style.
  • French country style uses brighter yet softer colors, such as fuchsia or yellow. It’s okay to combine a bit heavier furniture for this style, but don’t overdo it.
  • Country style that usually combines rustic metals and wooden items. It’s okay to combine farmhouse items such as quilts and red-blue gingham prints.
  • English style where the important focus will be on the lacey and antique items. When they want to add more color and character, they can use English tea pot or china silverware.

These styles can add several decorating ideas for people who are looking for the right decoration and home décor.

Chic Cottage Style Decorating for Great Looking Room

What to Incorporate in Cottage Style Decorating?

When people want to choose cottage style decorating for their house, they can choose whatever style they like. But they need to remember that in cottage style decorating, they only need light color, light furniture, and also unique decoration and accessories. It’s okay to add vintage appeal in this style. They also need to pay attention to these things:

  • Furniture

They need to keep it light. It’s okay to use wooden furniture or the combination of wooden-metal, as long as they remember to keep the room spacious. It’s okay to use antique furniture bought in flea market or second hand store.

  • Fabric

They can use light fabric with floral, stripes or plaids pattern. Choose soft color and light material.

  • Accessories

They can use any kinds of accessories, as long as these decorations are unique. They can even use all the items they can find in grandma’s attic.

People need to remember that cottage style decorating isn’t the same as shabby and plain home décor. They can make their house look stunning by using the color pattern scheme or ask for help from design interior. The cottage style decorating is good for people who are carefree and stylish at the same time.

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