About the Site

homeandhousedesigns.com is a website that offers you many things like picture, photos, videos, ideas and the useful tips and latest news/articles/features in home design, architecture and furniture.

it’s said that designing home is the important think in our life. We all hanker about the beauty and the nice home. This site is to provide you some informative way to build a amazing home, beautiful place, and also looks modern, and we also give you some  tips in which way you can design your home with our inspiration. Home and House design for the novice is always a dreaming way where they can build a home as they inspire.

This the reason of our startup. We are a strong team. And we always  working together online and offline over years long and we have strong inspiration to write about home design. We are here to share our stories, thoughts , Home ideas and tips with you.


Who We Are

The website was founded in 2015 by Martie Luv the best one in our team.


We’re here to share our experience with world.

Marti Luv
Siti Sumarti
CEO Of The Site

Bied Alfi
Bied Hasan
Marketing Manager

Ari J

Ari Joe
Web Developer


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