New chairs for the new house Ideas

Pretty much since I was in 5th grade I have loved watching HGTV and dreamt of having a home to design and decorate one day.
And now that we are in the market to buy a home, my decorating desire in in hyperactive overdrive.
We’ve found a house that we LOVE, a house we could grown into with lots of possibilites and potential, but it’s at the very top end of our budget we we’re pondering in for a week and then we’ll decide if we want to procede with it.
(I’ll keep you updated :))
Anyway, I’ve been wanting to have my grandma’s chair reupholstered for a long time now, and we just had it redone in preparation for our future new home.
The before:
And the after:



I still need to refinish the legs, and I’m going between a couple of options.
1. Lacquered in black
2. Lacquered in white
3. A lighter stain
4. Or a fun color like a mustard yellow
And the other new chair was a an amazing thrift store find.
A tufted leather chair for $75.




The seat was a little dry, but I’ve been using some leather conditioner and it’s working like a charm.



I almost offered more for the chair, but then I came to my senses and counted it as an amazing blessing from the thrifting gods. 🙂

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